Gulzar-through my eyes

“Gulzar, is a poet above all things.” Though widely recognised as a lyricist who has made his contributions to the Indian musical arena and enriched it like very few people have done, Gulzar is not a person whose identity,like all others is restricted to Indian Cinema or now, World Cinema alone. He is somewhat above that.His “psychologically adept examination of human sensibilities” has taken human thought to a new pedestal altogether.

Gulzar for me is the Gulzar I know,the Gulzar who has made a deep impact on my thoughts as well. Well, I relate to him through the number of verses which he has written, and those which have touched my heart. I appreciate Gulzar with a sense of astonishment. Yes, astonishment at the intricracies of human behaviour that he so beautifully depicts and at the simplicity of certain thoughts that remain so concealed in human life.

 Let us live some of his verses and relive them..

 “Nazar me rehte ho, jab tum nazar nahi aate…yeh sur milaate hain jab tum idhar nahi aate“ he refers to the people across the border, who have been separated from us by petty politics.

Zindagi kya hai jaan-ne ke liye, zinda rehna bahut zaroori hai, aaj tak koi bhi raha to nahi ” teaches you humility. To know what life is, one should remain alive. But no one has done that till date.

 “Ae hairathe aashiqui jagaa mat, pairon se zameen, zameen laga mat” urging the dream not to end.

There are a thousand such ……but let us end with one…

“Music has a natural place in our lives. Right from the shloka you recite in your morning puja and the milkman who comes whistling on his cycle, to the fakir singing as he begs for alms and your mother humming around the kitchen. Music fills our spaces naturally. It will always be dear to us.”…


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