A year ago!!

(Related to the night when I was "caught" )

A year ago.. I had a dream

I did not look out of the window…Because it was midnight now..Hardly did I expect the mosquitoes in the middle of the night, …To disturb the sweetness of sleep

One came near my ear…Started buzzing “KILL ME, KILL ME”…I just took my hand out to swat it

But then he assumed dangerous proportions…I could not find out what was night and what was day

I realised..Aj kal to hamari raatein hi nahi humaare dean bhi kharab hai..

The next one came buzzing by my ear…It seemed..He did not like the smell of my blood..He seemed to fly away..but then he came..But he did not hesitate to suck the liquid red..right out my veins..Bad Mosquito…cannot stand up to your false ideals..i thought

A poor mosquito buzzed louder Threatened to throw out the human populace out of the residential quarters..I listened quitely..It was like the mosquito was winning the race against humanity…Tried all chemicals against him..But soon realised..he was at ease..”chemically”

There was also a mad mosquito…The mosquito which the humans feared…His sting was legendary…When the others were sucking gallons of blood…He just seemed to frown..”Where is my share”, he growled

There was also a poor mosquito…He knew not why he had come…But looking at his fellow mosquitoes..He learnt a trick or two…Even he seemed deadlier today

Dream Over

It is not only in my dream that mosquitoes created havoc..Even in the commonwealth games dengue related pullbacks showed it was “ADVANTAGE MOSQUITOES”


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