All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Khatam, the adamant squirrel was unhappy. He did not like a mega event like Labrador to be shifted to the gallery from the open stage. Gumnami, the turtle and Tsunami,the monkey, practical and less venturous as usual, decided against it as the rain gods might  be furious.Ullucase,the owl and the laziest of the lot, had no problems with either venues at first, but later he realised that since Labrador had the tagline “come and bark out here,as we know, barking dogs seldom bite”,it would really be good if the participants were allowed to bark their hearts out.A-meat, the meaty rabbit, who always believed himself to be an endangered species was really in support of the namis .He found their suggestions more practical. Sam-the-rat was their senior.And they valued his advice, but he was hardly in his senses for the length of the day.

What followed was a pandemonium of squeaks,screeches, shrieks, and hoots, and drums from the balcony of Khatam’s room. The squirrel was adamant as usual, but what was surprising was the coordination that the owl and the rabbit put forward in the arguments. Ullucase,the owl was happy that the debate ended earlier as Gumnami and Tsunami were safely sleeping in their hostels.Cheer-on-me, the Giraffe , who was the room-mate of Khatam was deriving fun out of the heated debate. Their second roommate Anup Rhododendron had already gone to sleep.

These animals, however, were no ordinary animals. They had passed the AIEEE(All India Endangered Entrance Examinations) held by humans and had entered the institute to learn how to be as sensible as the human beings.

You might be wondering if there was a single human being amid these flora and fauna. Yes there were a lot of them, and were, as usual,  the most intelligent of them all. They were given responsibilities of making these animals civilized.

They had approached Dr. Rayon Chatterjee , the first human they found themselves comfortable with since their entry into the institute.They came to him with crude ideas and he taught them patiently, how to conduct refinements into their plans.They were on their way to conduct a mega event like Labrador.

But Tsunami and Gumnami brought culture into the picture, asking for gamusas and japis.Labrador therefore came out to be not just a dog’s show you see in New Dog TeleVision(NDTV) or Times Bhow.It was Labrador.


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