It was almost six months after Africa had come to trickstasy.That was the last time she actually did. Bablu Carmaker had by now, started using the car of his heart to make frequent tours of Africa.

Trickstasy had seen an over-haul. Khacchar Bhattacharjee, Peshab Sore-car and Shoe-deep-ta were talking over meal. They were shocked at the food in the mess. Pleasant Wind was angry. How can juniors question the quality of food, he said. They should be prepared to eat shit if their seniors feed them. All that their parents earn after days of hard work are inconsequential.

The newest casualty of food in the mess was Ebony Nelson-Mandela Tatenda-Taibu Bharali (ENT Bharali). He and Wind Buzzer-Bore-Hua were admitted to  SMC. Pillowcase said ,”These new recruits will soon stop getting ill. We had worse food under the Prefect himself two years ago. See our immune has successfully responded, and unless we are Khatam, who is just one step short of being a cannibal, we never have stomach related ailments.”Khatam said that people like Mad-house Dev Choudhury and Xoru-moru Asuraditya Bhattacharya also fell ill because they came from aristocratic Manuwadi Brahmin families, who were good for nothing. Pillowcase asked him to think over as to whose family he was actually questioning. Khatam blushed.

Nonojeet Wallnut had stopped coming to Trickstasy. He was afraid that Pillowcase would take the hell out of him if he caught him in some really disastrous room. ENT Bharali was the trump card in the Trickstasy Drunkards cricket team in the night tournament. He could negate the effect of lights wherever he stood. He stood as a wicket keeper. The batsmen complained of bad light. The Umpires took out the lightometer, and in the mean time Xoru-Moru Asuraditya was sneaked into the field. The Umpires decided the light was excellent. Xoru-Moru was taken out. No batsman could see the ball, and Trickstasy won. ENT Bharali was declared Man of the Series.


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