A letter to friends

Dear Friends,

The heart and the desires are non-existent to me this day. There is a relief that people know you as a human being. They appreciate your qualities. Now, when they do that, a feeling of fear from criticism always remains inside you. I am not perfect. My friends, I just hope you just realize my imperfections. Do not only forgive me for my failures. That will hardly help.I hope you will be able to make me a better human being.

When you have only a good image of a person, it is difficult to accept his faults. This makes me apprehensive. Yet, I am happy that all my criticisms have been on my face and never behind my back.

The times now are difficult for me guys, and I just hope that the reason I am enthusiastic about myself, that is my family and friends are with me in every step of my life.You are my strength, you drive my life.

Please do not make me a victim of unwanted stereotypes. I am, what I am. I cannot be anyone else. Nor, as a human being, I can satisfy a picture-perfect image. I hope you do not miss my desire to see a smile on the face of most of you, if not all.

Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides. Let us remain as one family.

With regards,



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