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This is a straightforward amateur historical description of a famous battle between Werdan the Syrian, subject of Heraclius, Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire, and Dekar the Saracen, subject of Abu Bakr, Caliph of the Muslims.

In 632 CE, Abu Bakr received the throne that Muhammad had built, via concession of his opponent Umar. He moved to consolidate the empire and crush the rebellion of the Arab tribes that had begun after the death of Muhammad. During the Ridda Wars, or the War of Apostasy, Abu Bakr explored the military potential of the new organization. Six centers of resistance organized after the death of Muhammad. Abu Bakr organized his army into 11 corps. It proved to be a very effective strategy, and the army of Musaylimah, head of the insurrectionists, conceded defeat at the battle of Yamama.

During the Ridda Wars, resting troops near the northern border of the forming…

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