He was exhilarated. The cynic in him had perhaps never anticipated this. The lover in him was hoping against hope that this day would not arrive.

The career-oriented professional inside him could not have had a better prospect than the one that lay at hand.

She was not as good a student of Mathematics as he was. She had reconciled to the fact that they were parting some day, but that day was different.

Reality is always harsher than imagination.

The day took both of them to different journeys. He would be there among the best in the country. She was an average student, though quite good at estimation. She knew that this day would come.

They had no future together, she said. She however did not know that the present would end so soon.

She quietly took her phone and texted him, “We need to part. It is better if we leave each other now.”

He cried a little, but suddenly the man inside the 17-year old woke up to the reality.

He texted, “We need to meet. I am coming to your place.”

(To be continued)