Junkeri- Bipul Chettri (translation)

Stars adorn the skies.

As the stream flows in silence.


It is when we sit down together,

And watch the fireflies dance.



I walk around without

Any hope in my mind.


What is there to find in this world?

Let us run away, you and I.


This is the destiny of this world

Everyone leaves you some day or the other.


Futile words keep us entangled here

And in this way, we live our lives.


I have an urge to fly away

But, I do not know where to go.


What is left in this world to achieve?

Let us leave all behind, you and I.


This night, it happened once again

I was suddenly woken by aspiration.


My imaginations filled my eyes

As if they are flying fireflies.


I wish the sweet night

Had stayed back with me.


But, before the morning comes,

Let us run away, you and I.