Resham Filili – Jaalma Translation

On the other side, behind the hillock

the sun is shining bright

I feel happy and elated today

Why don’t we go for a trip?

The sun will annoy me

It will turn me dark

Will you place the umbrella of love over me?

Let us flow like the river

In the beats of love

And go fishing with our nets

Do you agree with my proposal?

Do not net me like a fish

And leave me alone one day.

Tell me if you will marry me or not?

O ungrateful, do not kill the love inside you

O merciless, do not erase me from your mind.

Don’t think I am a small person,

I have strength in my arms

I will earn a lot of wealth one day

And fill you with gold and silver

I don’t want gold and silver

I don’t want wealth

Tell me if you’ll love me, or not?